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2014/2015 President's Message

President's Message 2015 Paula McEachnie

June 3, 2015

 2015 has been a time of slowly evolving change for the Alberta Association of Clinic Managers.

 This year saw the development and compilation of the Locum Survey. The Wage and Benefit Survey has returned to the Executive, and Lesa has taken on the task for this year. By using Survey Monkey, these surveys are easier to complete; however, compiling the results continues to be labour intensive. The response to either survey has not been as high as hoped, but once our membership becomes familiar with using Survey Monkey and the AACM website, I expect that participation will increase. It is important to share this type of information so we may all make informed decisions.

 The Executive continues to welcome new members and pair them with a mentor. The website is also available for additional information, and we encourage everyone to use it regularly. Your suggestions regarding the website are also welcome. I would like to thank Nichole Olenek for administration of the website, a responsibility that she has done on our behalf for several years.

 As mentioned in the Membership Report, our membership has substantially decreased this year. The reasons for this may be due to several factors. Communication will be made with former members to garner information to determine their reason for leaving AACM.

 Membership drives can be accomplished by attending conferences with our AACM conference booth. To date this has not been done, partly due to financial constraints, and due to trying to find the ‘right fit’ so our target audience will benefit from joining the Association.

 I feel that AACM is at a crossroads, and the Association’s direction may change within the next few years, dependent upon expectations of the membership. Suggestions such as a continuing education credit program, or regional Nominating Committees are commendable. However, your Executive needs direction as to these expectations. This being said, we need to keep in mind that the Executive positions are voluntary and staffed by people who already have demanding clinic manager positions.

 I would like at this time to thank Jennifer Hendricks for her exceptional work as our Association’s Treasurer. She has worked hard and provided useful reports, spreadsheets and charts. From this point onward, these documents will be stored on external hard drives, so these documents will not have to be duplicated by the incoming Treasurer.

 Thank you to Renee Puchailo for her patient guidance over the year. To the remainder of our Executive, Lesa Zimmerman, Marena Seifert, Susan le Doux, and Nicole Bilyk: thank you for your assistance over the past year. I have no doubt that AACM will continue to grow and change under your guidance.

 Annual surveys, a continuing education program, and recruitment drives are just some of the initiatives in which our Association may engage. With planning, perseverance and participation, the Alberta Association of Clinic Managers will remain an organization in which our members can learn, grow and share.

 Respectfully submitted

 Paula McEachnie 

President, Alberta Association of Clinic Managers  

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