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2019 - 2020 President's Message - 

“In Coming”

When I started this speech and printed “IN COMING” I thought of the movies where the phrase “incoming” usually means heads up or trouble is on its way in. I hope this is not true of this upcoming year. I have worked with Wendy and the executive this last year and am in awe at all the work and time they have put in to make sure things are running well. This has been a great conference. This upcoming year I hope to provide you with tools and resources that will help you manage your clinics. I strongly believe that this is the mandate of the association to assist us in managing and becoming the best we can be. Mentoring, networking, and education are the tools the association can help to provide you so that you can manage the challenges you face in your clinic each day.  With the recent change in government and their renewed focus on budget I believe we will see some changes for better or for worse. These changes will challenge all of us. I hope this year to continue to be your advocate in providing resources for professional development and our participation in providing input to the government and AMA on key issues.

Thank you,

Darel Steed

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